Filofax Collection

Here is a list of all the Filofaxes and other ring binder brands I’ve owned (past and present). The links that I’ve made will take you to my review of that particular binder. 

A5 size:

Red Metropol – given to my dad to use

White Clipbook

Nude Original – sold

Red Charleston

Black Finsbury – sold

Personal size:

Purple Malden – traded for orchid aston

Ochre Malden – sold

Black Piccadilly – given to my partner

Green Piccadillysold

Grey Holborn – sold

Brown Holborn – sold

Wine Holborn (zip) – sold

Orchid Aston – sold

Green Portland – sold

Monochrome Original – sold

Nude Original – sold

Fluoro Pink Original – sold

Yellow Original – sold

Green Original – sold

2 Gold Originals – sold

Silver Original – sold

Navy Original – sold

Blue Buckingham – sold

Black Regency – sold

Mushroom Aston – sold

Black Kensington – sold

Black Finchley – gifted

Black Guildford

Aqua Lockwood – s0ld

Brown Portland Grand – sold

Black Sherwood

Brown Ascot

Black Knightsbridge

Compact size:

Blue Pennybridge (zip) – sold

Wine Holborn – sold

Brown Charleston – sold

Yellow Calipso – sold

Purple Malden (zip) – sold

Pocket size:

Black Malden – sold

Grey Malden – sold

Grey Holborn – sold

Mushroom Aston – sold

Brown Aston – sold

Blue Belgravia – sold

Red Chameleon – sold

Purple Charleston – sold

Mini size:

Grey Malden – sold

Red Piccadilly – sold


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