Luxecadeautjes visit

A few weeks ago I went to Amsterdam. It was a very hot day, and transport systems were failing left and right, but after about a 3 hour journey from The Hague, I finally made it to the Luxecadeautjes store. This is the only store I know of in holland that carry Gillio Firenze’s older planners and other things which go by the name “Gigliodoro”. It was the second time I had been there but this time I remembered to take pictures! It’s great to have store relatively close by to feel the leather before purchasing. So here are the pics: 


As you an see, the store carries a whole range of leather goods, and not only from Gillio. The picture above shows bags that are made in Holland, and I believe that you may also be able to customize it, for example add a back strap. But don’t quote me on that. Best to contact the store and see.


Victor holding up a bunch of leather samples from different companies. Love!!!

Wish I could live in that store! Hahahaha. Well, I enjoyed my trip and would recommend anyone near by to pay a visit. You can also shop from their online store and people overseas/ non EU pay the price of the item, minus the VAT!!! More countries and shops should do this in my opinion! So unfair that one should pay double tax!!! 

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post. You can see more of their stuff at And no, I’m not being paid for this and I don’t get a commission or anything like that. Just sharing my love of all things leather and planner related! 😀 

‘Till next time,



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